The balance of life does work quite well for some. Rather say for everyone. There is life after death again. There is peace after every storm. There is sleep after a long tiring day. And as many writers say there is always light at the end of the tunnel. So this way of life gives us hope. It gives us a reason to do exceptionally happy stuff after every bit of tear we shed. But what about that part of the cycle where there is a goodbye after every hi you say. There is a tear after every smile you put up. And this part is where it takes the hell out of you to have hope. You can’t hope because the greater the happiness is, the harder you tend to fall back on getting hurt. You experience the best day of your life and to balance it out you soon have one of your worst nightmares live. It gets harder to get back to look for the right balance now. As the more you go through this part of the cycle, the more apprehensive you get about your happiness. But that’s the cycle of life. Probably the happy times keep us going no matter how badly they are going to be crushed soon. Our life is all about the good times we have. We live for them. In the hope that the dreams outweigh the nightmares. There is sunshine after every rain. So drench a little in your own tears. Wait for someone to wipe them away and take you towards the sunshine. Because sometimes the perfect sleep is only after an emotional outbreak.